Tour Guide Audio System

Complete solution for visits and tours to factories, industries, sightseeing and events.
Tour Guide System · Communication quality for guided groups.

The ease of use and the excellent áudio transmission quality make the TechTour system a world reference in audio guided systems.
The system consists of a headset or handheld transmitter for the Guide, and receivers with headphones for the visitors. Portable equipment with wireless technology.
With the Charging Case, the transmitter and receivers will always be charged and ready for use, also facilitating transportation and safe storage.

Professional quality audio

Even in noisy environments TechTour provides clear and complete transmission for all participants, ensuring attention during the guide’s explanations.
Average range of 160ft with unlimited number of receivers

Headset transmitter with audio feedback, which allows the Guide to hear his own voice, avoiding the wear of his vocal cords, especially in noisy environments.

Modernly designed LCD screen that displays channel, signal, volume and battery level.

Fall-resistant equipment, suitable for intensive use, durable and easy to use, ideal for group visits.

Full mobility for Guide and Visitors

TechTour in Industrial Tourism

Tour Guide System is used for group visits and sightseeing in places such as museums and bustour, and is essential for success in industrial tourism activities.

The quality of the audio system will directly influence in the visitor’s experience.

Widely practiced in the United States and Europe, where companies open their doors to provide a unique visitor experience, valuing the contact of customers and suppliers with their products and manufacturing processes.

System Components

All TechTour products have a 12 month factory warranty and specialized technical support.

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How often do visits occur:


Light and small transmitters and receivers, easy to handle, use and transport the equipment. LCD screen with language and channel indicator, battery level, RF signal level and volume.


Average range of 160ft, allows group visits with unlimited number of participants without affecting the quality. 37 Channel Receiver.


High quality broadcasting for all group participants even in noisy environments.


Up to 20 hours of use. Battery level indication on LCD screen. Handheld transmitter with autonomy of up to 10 hours of use.


Allows the use of rechargeable batteries, avoiding the disposal of batteries in the environment.


All TechTour products have a 12 month factory warranty and specialized technical support.

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